Downsizing? How to furnish your new home on a budget

If you’re downsizing and keen to re-decorate your new space, it’s important to be aware that the process can quickly spiral out of control and cause some damage to the bank account. To prevent these headaches, I’ve made a list of styling tips to help you make the biggest impact in your new home while remaining affordable, practical and comfortable.

Pick a style: It’s easy to get carried away and add a number of mismatched items to your cart at the start of your journey. We’ve all felt that pang of regret once everything arrives and doesn’t match up. To avoid this, you need to decide on a style and vision for your home. Will it be: Scandinavian, Hamptons, French Provincial, industrial, or art deco? You could also mix complementary styles. The key here is picking a theme early on, before you go shopping!

Rank pieces by priority: In a dream world, you would buy every furniture piece that your heart desires. However, the reality is that you will have to make sacrifices so that every room has at least one piece that fits your style. Rank each item in order of priority and then decide how much you could realistically spend on it. For example, your top three might be: a couch, a dining table and a bedhead. Keep this list handy so you remain focused.

Size matters: When downsizing, get rid of all old furniture that’s dated or too big for the new home. This will also reduce the cost of the move. The only thing I wouldn’t recommend reducing is the size of the bed, as this may affect comfort or sleep quality.

Look at replacing your old four- or six-seater couch with a two- or three-seater sofa and — if necessary — add a comfortable accent chair in a compatible design that can double as a reading chair. Another part of the home that may have reduced in size and benefit from a change is the dining area. Consider switching to a round four-seater dining set, such as Luxo Living’s Stoten table with Charles chairs (pictured below). A large outdoor dining set could also be replaced by a more modern two-seater set. For extra seating, or a comfortable retreat, an egg chair is a good on-trend option that can be placed either outdoors or indoors.

Buy bigger, key items first and go bold! Once you have named your priority items for each room and figured out how much you can spend on each, buy these pieces first. To instantly elevate a room, I recommend opting for bold colours, textures, shapes, curves or fabrics for these key pieces, such as Luxo Living’s peony velvet sofa or leather sofa with chaise.

Keep other furnishings simple: Once you have your bold statement pieces sorted, you can tone the room down and add warmth through natural décor and soft furnishings, such as rugs, side tables or mirrors that are inspired by and in-keeping with the key pieces. Don’t go overboard with styling items here though. Let your statement pieces do the heavy lifting — otherwise the rooms will feel cluttered and too ‘busy’.

Find pieces that have multiple purposes: When the budget and storage space are both limited, find items that have more than one use. For example, Luxo Living’s velvet ottoman will not only act as a soft seat but you can keep your spare throws or cushions inside it so your room doesn’t get cluttered. Furthermore, a sideboard unit can be used as a living room credenza, or hallway or entryway console table — the options are endless! And if you need to accommodate grandchildren or guests for overnight stays from time to time, a convertible sofa bed is a great option.

Article by Winston Tu on May 22, 2021 –

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