Interest Rate Negotiation

We can help you reduce the monthly repayments on your loans – WITHOUT needing to refinance!  

Get the best mortgage rates through expert negotiation.

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Did you know that you don’t always need to refinance to get a better interest rate!  

In fact, there may be situations where you won’t be able to refinance away from your existing lender.  We can negotiate the mortgage interest rate with your existing lender on your behalf.    

The strong relationships we have with a large panel of lenders means we can usually get you a much better interest rate than you woul be able to if you went directly to your bank.  We guarantee to  work hard and leverage our relationships with the banks to get you the best possible rate and terms.  This will help you reduce your repayments and help you free up some cash to use for the other things you need to. 

Interest Rate Negotiation is a complimentary part of our ongoing service to our clients.   

We also offer this service on loans that we did not arrange – and will only charge you a fee if we save you money!  

Benefits of our Interest Rate Negotiation Service

REDUCE your monthly payments

Get the best possible rate and loan terms

Save money over the life of your loan

Let us do the hard work for you

Our commitment to you

We take the time to understand you so we can negotiate the best rate with your existing lender.

The Centra Money team is ready to make things happen for you. 

Our goal is to understand what you want and need – and then find the right  solution.  We thrive on making the lending process simple – and taking away  your stress of dealing with the banks. 

And because we work for you – not the lender – your best interest is our first priority.

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