1 in 4 Aussies is now looking to change their job

With the economy beginning its recovery from the COVID-19 downturn, Australian workers are now actively seeking new employment, a survey has revealed.

Stats released by Gartner Inc showed that 24 per cent of Australians are now actively looking for a new role, with workers intent to stay in their current jobs falling by 2.6 per cent and active jobseekers rising by 5 per cent over the December quarter.

Not only are Australian workers looking to leave, the number of employees willing to go above and beyond for their employer has dropped to 16 per cent, below the world average.

Overall, the study showed just 9 per cent of Aussies are considered engaged, showing both high discretionary efforts and high intent to stay with their employer.

“For many workers, 2020 was incredibly tough,” said Aaron McEwan, vice president in the Gartner HR practice.

“As Australians observe positive indicators for economic recovery, many have been waiting for recognition for their efforts or a change of pace from their employer that simply has not materialized.”

However, workers are less likely to leave due to new opportunities or compensation, with the survey stating work/life balance, manager quality and respect are now ranked as the top three reasons workers cite when leaving an organisation.

“Workers want to see the introduction of systems to better support work/life balance. There is also an expectation that management will step up and show more respect and appreciation for hard work through cultural change and tangible incentives,” Mr McEwan said.

According to Australian workers, location and respect round out the top three factors employees are considering when evaluating new employers. Employers that aren’t keeping up with the needs of workers in a post-COVID environment risk a decline in productivity or may even face a mass staff exodus.

“Organisations must be quick to review their employee value proposition to ensure it’s in line with what the post-COVID workforce is seeking,” said Mr. McEwan.

“Taking away remote-working options would be a risky move for employers, as many employees view it as a quasi-pay rise. Instead, offer ‘experiences’ at work, real flexibility and genuine time off to keep your best talent.”

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Article by Cameron Micallef on nestegg.com.au

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